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Mig Welding Wires

Welding wires of different kinds are used with the machine. That is why it is necessary to understand the purpose for which you are using the wire. One of the widely used is the Mig Welding Wires made of steel. It is because of the simple reason that steel has a high tensile strength which

Welding Rods UAE

Welding rod as we all known is a thin wire which comes out of the welding machine. In order to join two pieces, the current is passed through it. All the welding rods that you will come across are coated with varying materials. It is because of the purpose for which the welding rod is

Welding Rods Kuwait

Various types of welding electrodes are available in the market that has different uses. Welding electrodes are also called as welding rods. Sufficient amount of current is passed on the welding rod to stick the materials. It is also used to fuse two metals together. The welded metals are even stronger than the original metal.

MIG Welding Wires UAE

MIG welding wires are the wires used in continuous welding of unalloyed steel. MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas welding a wire which is also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding. These wires are coated with copper which helps in quick welding. It can be used in various metals and alloys. Welding with these wires

Welding Rods Oman

The welding rods are used in shielded metal arc welding; welding is done to join materials. The welding rods melt and join two metals. Fire, electric arc, laser, friction and ultrasound are some of the energy resources that are used in welding. Welding can be manual, semi automatic and automatic process such as GMAW, SAW, FCAW and ESW.


Tailin-Cutting & Grinding Discs Manufacturer First laid its foundation in 1970, Tailin has been riding continuously on a very successful wave and has succeeded to see itself as a market leader for Cutting & Grinding discs manufacturer. After 46 years of positive efforts, it has grounded its feet almost all over the world, meanwhile, catering

Cutting Discs and Grinding Discs Qatar

The cutting and grinding discs are meant to cut and grind different kinds of metals. These discs have wheels which act as the cutting and grinding tool. The disc can be differentiated on the basis of the cutting quality whether you wish to achieve high quality or medium quality. If you are searching for the


Askaynak is one of the brand names which manufacture a wide variety of welding consumables. From the welding equipment to the machinery, cutting equipment, automation machines etc you can get everything you are looking for. Apart from this, it also deals with abrasives and gas equipment. Thus you can explore a huge line of products


As we all known that steel develops rust easily and that is why requires extensive protection. Though there are numerous ways to protect the steel but Zinga is quite effective. Zinga, as the name implies, is a process wherein a layer of galvanized zinc is applied so that the steel can be fully protected. The

Mig Welding Wires Saudi Arabia

The MIG Welding wires as the name indicates are used for welding purposes and that too with utmost efficiency. If you are looking forward to quality welding, choosing the right wire is essential and that is why MIG welding wire is the first choice of the buyers. Types Of Mig Welding Wires Based on the